Vinyl Composite Tile

Vinyl composite tile flooring is found in numerous businesses, as well as a few homes. VCT is commonly found in commercial offices and stores because of its ability to withstand high foot traffic. Over time, vinyl composite tile can get scuffed and dull looking. Trying to clean VCT without the proper equipment, cleaning and waxing products, and knowledge can lead to disastrous results. VCT flooring can even become damaged beyond repair if done improperly.   Over time, the finish will wear out, making the floor look dull and dirty, even with vigorous cleaning.  Improper care can cause pitting and eventually, holes and worn areas and are irreparable.  

How We Clean

Safe Clean has been providing expert service to clean and restore vinyl composite tile floors for many years. It is very knowledgeable in the care of your floor. We start by inspecting your VCT for any defects or problem areas. We then strip away any old wax, thoroughly clean the floor to remove any dirt, stains, bacteria, viruses, or anything else that may have gathered on the floor. To finish, we place a minimum of three layers of premium finish to create a protective coating over your VCT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to move my furniture before you clean my vinyl composite tile?

Our technicians will move any furniture needed and replace it when the job is complete. We request that you remove any small items that may be on the floor or that may fall off of surfaces. Our technicians may move large amounts of furniture for an extra charge.

How long does it take to clean the vinyl composite tile?

Cleaning your VCT can vary significantly from a few hours to a few days.  There are many factors to consider, including the size of the area, the floor’s condition, and the amount of furniture. Each coat of premium wax finish will need one hour to cure between coats. This process cannot be rushed and must be done expertly.

How long does it take for vinyl composite tile to dry?

We recommend allowing at least 24 hours before you can walk on or place heavy items on the vinyl composite tile because the premium finish needs to settle.

How often should I get my vinyl composite tile professionally cleaned?

While there is not an industry standard, there are factors to consider.

Floors with heavy foot traffic or wear will require more a more aggressive schedule.